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    quinta-feira, 18 de junho de 2009

    Mais novidades...

    Peço enooormes desculpas pela a minha ausência.
    Mas semana de provas na faculdade e cursos de fim de semana me deixam mó enrolada x.x

    Bom... no blog da Richelle, ela comenta sobre 2 concursos que estão acontecendo. O 1º é para mandar uma frase sobre por quê voce deve ganhar uma cópia antecipada de Blood Promise. E o outro é para ganhar um livro de VA qualquer.

    "Here's the scoop, Australian readers. Contest #1: Be the first person in Australia to win an early copy of Blood Promise! To enter, you need to email vampireacademy@au.penguingroup.com and tell them in 25 words or less (pretty short - so be concise!) why you think you should be the winner. This contest runs through June 29 at 4pm (your time).

    The second contest is to win a copy of a different VA book. Penguin Australia wants to re-read one of the others in the series as a group and have a discussion a la book club style. The book that'll be re-read will be chosen by votes. So again, cast your vote to vampireacademy@au.penguingroup.com. The book that gets the most votes will be the winner. As a special bonus, the first 50 people to vote will win a copy of that book. This contest runs through June 20."

    Depois ela comenta sobre as questões que ganharam um concurso dela...

    Q: Why Russian? Out of all the cultures Dimitri could have been, why was Russian the culture you picked when you thought of Dimitri?

    A: A lot of the vampire stories that we have in the US and other parts of western civilization come from Eastern Europe, particularly Romania and Russia. I took classes on this in college, and when I went to research VA, I decided to use the myth of two races of vampires from those regions. So, when creating the Moroi and dhampirs characters, I had a lot of them born in Eastern Europe since it seemed inevitable that a lot of them (even the American-transplants) would have roots in those countries. That’s why Dimitri’s from Russia. Plus, the accent is hot.

    Q: What do you when you’re writing and nothing comes to mind on what to write, or if you do write something and you really don’t like it?

    A: If I had all the time in the world, I’d just wait until something comes to mind. I’d go do other things—movies, reading, etc.—and not stress about writing. Unfortunately, I don’t have all the time in the world anymore. I’m turning a new book over every 2-3 months, which means if I don’t have ideas…I have to force them. Sometimes they’re good; sometimes they’re bad. The thing with books (and this answers the second part of your question) is that they go through lots of editing and revising with my publisher before hitting the shelves. So, hopefully, if I write something bad that I don’t like, I later get a chance to change it.

    (Note: this one’s been slightly edited so it doesn’t give away the ending to the third book, but those who have read the whole series will know what we’re talking about).
    Q: Since Rose has been shadow-kissed, will that somehow come into play with her [going on her mission at the end of book 3]?

    A: The powers that Rose has already exhibited from being shadow-kissed definitely come into play in Blood Promise, and you’ll see some of them returning. She’s also going to learn new things about spirit-users and being shadow-kissed…but as to how those affect her quest, well, you’ll just have to read the book!

    Q: What would Rose's perfect day be?

    A: Rose’s perfect day would probably be spent hanging out with Lissa and some of her other friends for a while, doing ordinary things likes movies or shopping. At night, though, she’d probably want some alone time with Dimitri. :) And naturally, she wouldn't want any of the problems going on that she’s currently facing in books 3 and 4, though I suspect she’d still want to get a little combat practice in during the day (just for fun) because she’s one of those people that always needs to stay active. She’d also probably eat a lot of junk food since she likes doing that too. Plus, she’s one of those annoying people who never puts on weight from it because she’s so athletic! Grr.

    Q: Why does Rose call Dimitri "Comrade"??

    A: I love getting this question, largely because I get to deliver a history lesson to those of my readers who were born after the fall of Communism. Older readers will have to forgive my over-simplified answer here. Back when Russia was the Soviet Union, its system of government/economics wanted to put forth this idea that there were no elite people in the country and that everyone was equal (the truth of that is debatable). “Comrade” was a popular term to address people by, instead of “Lord” or “Lady” or “Mister" or "Miss." Everyone got the same treatment: Comrade Belikov, Comrade Jones. In 1980s movies, you’d see it used as kind of an insult when Americans fought Soviets. The term stopped being used after the Soviet Union became Russia again, but it still comes up now and then. Rose calls Dimitri that as a joke—one that some Russians might fight insulting, which is why he’s always telling her to stop. To her, it’s a sarcastic nickname for him, kind of mocking that part of Russian history. He takes it good-naturedly.

    Q: I was wondering if we were going to find out about what happened in the VA books with Rose's mom and dad. Who is he? Is he still alive? Will we get a chance to meet him?

    A: Yes, indeed. Rose’s dad is still alive, and we are going to get to meet him sometime during the series. Naturally, I can’t tell you who he is or when we’ll see him! I can say, however, that he’s a pretty interesting character and not someone you’d expect Janine Hathaway to be involved with! He’s also not quite the kind of person Rose expects her father to be.

    Q: What's the title of your favorite book (that you didn't write)? Why?

    A: My favorite book is The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley. This always comes as a shock to some readers, mostly because they’ve never heard of it. Also, there are no vampires in it at all. It’s a semi-historical novel, based on the myths of King Arthur and told through the women in those tales. It’s a massive book, and I first read it when I was fourteen. It totally opened up my eyes to the world and gave me a huge appreciation for Celtic culture, as well as insight into spirituality and religion. Every few years or so, I pick it up again and re-read it.

    Q: Did you show your students your first published book, and if so, what was their reaction?

    A: I did not show my students my first book—largely because I was no longer teaching when it came out! It takes so long for a first book to get published. I sold Succubus Blues in November 2005, I quit teaching in February 2006, and the book came out March 2007. So, there were no students then. But, they knew I’d sold a book, and I refused to ever tell them the name because I didn’t want them to know what a succubus was! I suspect a lot of them have read Vampire Academy now but probably don’t know I wrote it since I had a different name back then.

    Q: Which series do you enjoy writing the most?

    A: I wouldn’t say there’s one series I enjoy the most, but I can say that the succubus series is the easiest for me to write. Georgina’s sense of humor is the closest to mine, and she’s closest to my age (relatively speaking). Eugenie’s close to my age too, but she’s a real physical, fighting character like Rose is—and I definitely am not! I’m a thinker like Georgina.

    Q: What type of school is good for students interested in writing and English?

    A: Any school you can take writing and literature classes in is the way to go. If you’re looking at colleges, you can find out which have the best creative writing programs by doing a little research. Almost any humanities class in college (history, literature, etc.) is going to make you write, and that’s all good practice. You can certainly major in English if you want to become a writer, although I didn’t. My degree was in general liberal arts, but I was always writing throughout college. The other key thing is to keep reading books—in school and on your own. Being exposed to good writing will teach you as much as any class, and I actually think I learned more about writing a novel that way than I did in any class. Bottom line: do lots of things to develop your writing. It all adds up.

    Nhaaa *--*
    Ela resumiu tudo pra num dar spoilers mas de boa ;D

    Siiite oficial de Vampire Academy: http://www.vampireacademybooks.com/

    Lindo de morrer *-*
    [ pena que aqui demora horrores pra abrir ¬¬' ]

    Depois ela comenta que o Spirit Bound vai sair em abril 2010, e não de Setembro de 2010. :)
    E por enquanto é só isso.
    Corro atrás de mais news assim que der tempo.

    [ preciso de moderadores pro VA Blogspot --' ]

    Deixa recado quem quiser participar.

    Blood kisses. :*

    quarta-feira, 3 de junho de 2009

    VA 5 *___*

    Richelle só presta pra nos deixar agoniados... xP
    Mas tá, né.
    No blog dela saiu uma nota com o titulo do 5º livro da série...

    "The fifth Vampire Academy book, out in April, will be called Spirit Bound."


    Emoçãão geral, galera *-*
    Bom... enfim é isso.

    Blood kisses :**